Introducing: Portland SIGGRAPH!

We’re thrilled to announce Portland SIGGRAPH is now alive!  After months (years, really) of planning, all of the positive momentum from our previous user groups has been officially combined and rolled into this fantastic new chapter. 

In many ways we will stay the course as we always have, but now with undeniably more wind in our sails.    We’re coming together to engineer and…  render ourselves a stellar computer graphics, animation, and creative tech community for the Portland area.  Please join us in this mission and get involved where you can – on social media, as a volunteer, or by attending our events.  Thanks to all involved, as we get up and running, for helping to make our unique scene in Portland the best it can be.

To those familiar with our user groups, forming the SIGGRAPH chapter adds a layer of organization and welcomed resources to our efforts. It affirms our status as a non-profit and offers structure where needed, while still allowing us to continue the time tested paths forged before.

What is our focus and who is this chapter for? Within the industries and overlapping skillsets of computer graphics, animation, and creative tech, you’ll find a wide range of people working (and playing) in the Portland area. Our aim is to bring these people together with engaging events that propel us forward. After all, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind!

Specifically, we aim to bring together:

Production & Animation – you’re an engineer of alternate realities. You create visually engaging worlds and breathe life into characters using your imagination and the latest computer graphics technology and workflows (also including stop motion, exclusive to Portland).

Research & Education – you’ve got ideas that make exciting change possible. Your knowledge of past and present computer graphics technology provides theoretical springboards for the future.

Arts & Design – you live to create, to bring your ideas to life through art and design. You love using new technology to support and realize your vision.

Gaming & Interactive – gaming professionals and those breaking new ground in interactive techniques find their tribe at SIGGRAPH meetups and conferences. Whether working in VR or mixed reality, real-time graphics or game production, there’s something for everyone at SIGGRAPH.

New Technologies – complacency is not an option. You’re someone who is always pushing the limits, asking the question “what if?” and imagining the future of technology and infinite possibilities within.

Calling on creators: join us! Check out any upcoming events on tap, and connect over social media.

A special thank you to several sponsors that helped cover our startup expenses: OMSI, LAIKA, 3DV, and 52Ltd.