June 2nd – Jeffrey Okun virtual Cosmos presentation w/OMSI (Science Pub)!

Originally slated to be a live appearance, we are adapting to bring renowned VFX Supervisor Jeffrey Okun’s awesome Cosmos presentation virtually, to your doorstep and onto the screen of your choice! Join us for a virtual Science Pub presentation that details the great work being done on the beloved Neil deGrasse Tyson show, with Jeffrey leading the charge. Jeff has been high on our list for a long time, with an incredible run of experience spanning decades – including The Last Starfighter, Blood Diamond, and plenty of other memorable films. He literally “wrote the book” on VFX, as an editor on the massive undertaking that is the VES Handbook of Visual Effects. This phonebook size effort is sitting on many of our bookshelves, and serves as the defacto reference guide for our industry. 3rd Edition dropping next month!

Please join us for this live virtual presentation (or view the recording afterwards), and consider supporting with the $5 donation/ticket to OMSI. With any luck, this will be a success and we can look into doing more of these virtual/streamed events during this difficult time.

Info: https://tickets.omsi.edu/events/283edff5-4624-26db-c8d4-8d8929e5ec84

Tuesday, June 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm
OMSI Science Pub featuring VFX Supervisor Jeffrey Okun