Upcoming Fall classes at PCC

Incoming – Fall classes at Portland Community College have never been more accessible, as classes have gone fully remote as part of the response to COVID. Check out the long list of offerings for great opportunities to learn new skills and stay sharp. The full schedule is here, or see the direct links to Multimedia classes listed below.

MM 110 Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120 Multimedia Design
MM 130 MM Graphic Video & Audio Prod
MM 140 Multimedia Authoring I
MM 146 Directing Actors for Recording
MM 146 Directing Actors for Recording
MM 150 MM Proj Review,Test & Delivery
MM 160 Market Yourself as MM Profess
MM 230 Graphics for Multimedia
MM 231 2D Game Graphics & Animation I
MM 232 3D Modeling & Animation
MM 233 3D Character Model & Animation
MM 235 Digital Video Edit/Production
MM 237 Video Compositing and Effects
MM 239 Digital Video Edit/PostProd II
MM 242 Immersive Tech: Intro to Unity
MM 246 Post-Production Sound
MM 248 AR/VR Fundamentals & Develop I
MM 250 Adv MM Project Development I
MM 260 Video Production I
MM 261 Video Production II
MM 262 Video Production III
MM 266 Post-Prod: Color Correction
MM 270 Writing for Multimedia
MM 275Music Video Production
MM 280 CE: Work Experience/Multimedia
UAS 100 UAS Career Exploration

As students from other programs or professionals in a continuing education capacity, many of the prerequisites (if any) can be bypassed. It’s also possible to audit a class without receiving a letter grade. Contact Greg Walters at PCC with any questions or more info.