About Us

Portland ACM SIGGRAPH is a non-profit, volunteer professional chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH which holds events in the area related to computer graphics and creative technology.  Our continuing mission to cross studio boundaries, get together, and “shop it up!”  We take time out to stay current, learn new tricks, meet new people, and promote/critique each other’s work.  After all, if a tree falls in Forest Park, but no one hears it, did it really fall? 

We recognize that a strong user group community is an essential part of the greater ecosystem.  Our roots date back to 2010, with humble beginnings as the 3DPDX and VFX/PDX user groups, plus monthly meetup Pints & Pixels.  Although many of our events take a professional slant, all (including students) are welcomed.  Many of our events, especially those with an animation focus, are all ages.  SIGGRAPH has something for everyone, and you can learn more about our focus here.

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Chair:  J Bills
Chair of Technology:  Trevor Cable
Chair of VFX:  Dan Short
Chair of Animation:  Sophya Vidal
Chair of Marketing + Social Media:  Tracey Miller
Bend Representative:  Rob Garrott

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Join us for events and networking with like minded professionals and students in the computer graphics industry.  We are a volunteer chapter that aims to keep our events free for all.  Join our mailing list below and plug in to our scene.


In addition to our email newsletters, you can also receive an instant email each time there is a new post or event added to the site.  This is the fastest way to receive these updates, as often the page will exist prior to any email or social media blasts. Sign up for these notifications with your email address below:

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Social Media
Feel free to connect with everyone on our various channels:
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(Note: if you were connected to the previous 3DPDX or VFX/PDX social media channels, you likely are already connected to us!)

Portland ACM SIGGRAPH is 100% volunteer/non-profit. Run for the members, by the members. There is no membership cost, and traditionally (sometimes almost magically), we’ve been able to keep our events free for all. Aside from this sweat equity from our volunteer board and helping hands, there are hard costs associated with the chapter and a handful of events we do each year. For our first year, these were graciously funded through a small number of corporate sponsorships (small asks of $100 or less). Going forward, we hope to cover these costs with strategic partnerships that make our events financially sustainable. We partner with venues that can help us out by offering free space and perhaps, for example, a small portion of concession stand proceeds or the like. This helps chip away at our costs and, with your attendance, is a win/win for the venues. It’s been a great way to help produce our events with like minded community members. We are also on Amazon Smile (please set us to be your Smile org!) and similar passive donation programs, and we love to see support through those channels. At this time there is no need for any asks outside of this – no donations, membership dues, or ad sales. And we aim to keep it that way!